“That place changed my Life”.

Mitch Wilburn, Preaching Minister, Park Plaza Church of Christ, Tulsa, Oklahoma

There is just “something” about Camp Deer Run. Something that changes lives time after time, person after person, year after year and generation after generation. People from all walks of life, in many parts of the world, point to their experience at Camp Deer Run as having a formative and lasting impact. Ministers, church leaders, missionaries, professional and community leaders, and many others credit Camp Deer Run with helping set the direction of their lives.

“Our family would not be what it is without Camp Deer Run”.

Gladys Pips, Midland, Texas

What is that “something” that has such an impact?

Campers are surrounded by nature in a beautiful part of the world God created, where they can unplug from the undertow and distractions of the world.

“Camp taught me how to be a Christian. Camp made me want to be a Christian.”

Living in basic and simple ways and having the most fun of their lives, fun made out of “nothing,” campers can get closer to what is real. They are able to see new and deeper realities about themselves and about God. In fact, being able to experience God personally is the most central and important element that leads to changed lives. The whole program of Camp Deer Run is designed to point to God.

“Full of the traditions of the past, where you can truly see God in his creation”

In this environment, God becomes real and their faith becomes their own.

“We want future campers to have the same experience with God that previous campers enjoyed.”

Ty Ford, Camp Director
Camp Deer Run: Simply Changing Lives Camp Deer Run: Simply Changing Lives Camp Deer Run: Simply Changing Lives